👓 Decentralized Web Pt 3: Join the IndieWeb | Michael McCallister: Notes from the Metaverse

Read Decentralized Web Pt 3: Join the IndieWeb by Michael McCallister (Notes from the Metaverse)
In recent months, I‚Äôve been learning a lot about the ‚ÄúIndieWeb,‚ÄĚ an idea spread by folks who understand that the Web offers a unique platform where ordinary people without the financial clout of the 20th century publishing industry could still potentially reach millions with their ideas.

But to be honest, I‚Äôm not sure I can tell you why ‚ÄĒ and how ‚ÄĒ to join up any better than Chris Aldrich did in this piece on AltPlatform. So just go over there now.

I know Michael has been working at the IndieWeb bit for a while, so this is some nice praise.

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