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Per our conversation and since there are map style features now:

I kind of like the Satellite map views, particularly for the Ireland stops. May be useful to have a toggle per post to do that versus street map view for more city-based posts.

I don’t do it often, but checkins on hikes or vacations would be cooler with satellite view (or topographic view if they had it) while city-stops would be better displayed with traditional line maps.

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3 thoughts on “Per post map view”

  1. Given the “vacation” scenario mentioned, it my be best/easiest to have this automatically default to one of the multiple options (street vs satellite, or hybrid, or other if offered) in the settings page, but give the meta box the ability to do a checkbox override of the standard. This may work best for those doing manual posts.

    Alternately you could have it set as a global and automatically default to the last used version.

    The tougher thing settings-wise is folks who would use micropub clients for setting location related services and therefore may not have easy direct control. Some micropub clients may or may not have toggle settings to match the plugin’s, so choosing a reasonable default for this use case is probably the one to target for the near term.

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