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A new version of Simple Location is out. Version 4.1.12 has many under the hood tweaks/fixes, and only one major user facing feature, a redo of the caching system. The caching system is used by the weather system to avoid poling for the weather on every refresh. There is now a setting in each widget...

Bug in the Weather Widget display of sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset

Filed an Issue Simple Location (GitHub)
Adds Basic Location Support to Wordpress. Contribute to dshanske/simple-location development by creating an account on GitHub.
I’m noticing that the sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset details in the Weather Widget are “off”. It currently displays the following:

Sunrise: 10:40 pm
Sunset: 10:47 am
Moonrise: 10:54 am
Moonset: 10:32 pm

Sunrise should be 7:13 AM (roughly for today) though 6:13 AM for tomorrow after Daylight Saving Time changes tonight. Moonrise today should be roughly 5:52 pm and moonset at 6:14 am.

Manually changing the lat/long in the Weather widget doesn’t seem to fix it. I also get the same numbers if there isn’t lat/long in the widget but have them in the user profile in the location section.

I’m using OpenWeatherMap as the provider, and I notice I’m getting two different readings for the sunrise/set & moonrise/set depending on whether I’m using the User Last Seen Widget or the Weather widget, so maybe the issue is hiding in the difference between calculations of one versus the other? The weather widget is the one giving the incorrect readings.

Support for cycling in icon set

Filed an Issue Simple Location by David ShanskeDavid Shanske (GitHub)
Adds Basic Location Support to Wordpress.
I only noticed because I actually went to post something while cycling around the neighborhood, but you seem to be missing a cycling option and a bicycle icon.

The only other edge cases I can immediately think of are scooter, roller skates, tractor, skateboard, gondola, and horse drawn carriage. Though these may be harder to find icons for and exceptionally rare in any case…

Good job on having nearly every other mode of transportation by the way.

Read Simple Location 4.0.6 for WordPress Released by David ShanskeDavid Shanske (
Version 4.0.6 of the Simple Location plugin has been released. A lot of the under-the-hood improvements involved the development environment…working on some automations for code testing that I’m going to add to my other projects.  User facing, the following features are now available HERE Maps ...
Read Thinking About Weather by David ShanskeDavid Shanske (
Much to my annoyance, at the end of March, Dark Sky announced it was now part of Apple and was immediately shutting down its Android app and would be shutting down its public API at the end of 2021. So, Dark Sky, my favorite weather service, is going to be dead to me. However, this is not the first ...
Read Fixing Times on EXIF by David ShanskeDavid Shanske (
I’ve been working on a patch for WordPress that involves fixing the incorrectly stored timestamp stored as part of WordPress image metadata. I already do something like this in my Simple Location plugin, but I’ve found a way that works more simply. To summarize the issue, there are multiple date...
For Homebrew Website Club Wednesday, even though I didn’t make it to an in-person meetup I did manage to make some reasonable visible progress on my website.

I hacked together some tweaks to add the following:

  • Improved support in my theme for time related microformats including dt-published and dt-updated
  • Because I post so frequently, I added a visible timestamp next to the date so it’s easier to follow my timeline of posts.
  • I removed the data for my location, weather, and syndication links from the_body of my posts and appended it to my post meta data. This should prevent it from showing up in Webmentions to others’ websites or in syndicated copies, but still be available to parsers to attach that data to my posts in readers and other services.
  • I modified my CSS so that the text in the Simple Location and Syndication Links plugins matches that of the rest in its section.
  • I added a cute little bullhorn icon in front of my Syndication Links so that it has some parallelism with the rest of the meta data on my site.
  • I’d always liked the idea of adding in related posts data on my site, but didn’t like how it had worked in the past. Things were even worse with replying to other people’s posts as my markup (and far too many others I’ve seen in the WordPress world) was hacky and caused the related posts data to show up in their Webmentions sent to other sites. I looked through some of Jetpack’s documentation and figured out how to remove their Related Posts functionality from the_body, where it defaults, and append it instead to the post meta section of my posts. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s much closer to how I’d like it. Best of all, that data shouldn’t show up in my replies to other sites now either! I had disabled the functionality ages ago because it made me feel like a rude-IndieWebber.

With IndieWebCamp Online 2020 coming up this weekend, I hope to fix a few outstanding issues and roll these changes up into my open sourced IndieWeb Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme as my hackday project. If you’re using it on your own site, do let me know. Not that I can promise to fix it if it’s broken in places, but I’d at least like to know how it’s working out for you or where it could be improved.

Things left over to fix:

  • Simple Location data still needs some CSS help to display the way I want it to.
  • I need to target the Simple Location icon so I can have its color match that of the other icons.
  • Because so many of my posts don’t have titles, I’ll need to tweak something there so that the Jetpack related posts will pick up better meta data as a pseudo-title instead of displaying the relatively context-less commentary that appears in the_body
  • It may take a day or two for the related posts to populate properly, but I should make sure that it’s putting out relevant/interesting results.
  • Is it worth adding a default featured photo for the related posts that don’t have one? Could I pull one from other meta fields for some classes of posts?
Thanks to David Shanske‘s fabulous Simple Location plugin for WordPress, I’ve now got archive map pages working on my website!

For any of the date archive pages on my site you can add /map/ and get an archive of all the places I’ve made posts on my website with location data for that time period, so for example:

Map archives don’t display map for Google Maps

Filed an Issue Simple Location by David Shanske (GitHub)
Adds Basic Location Support to Wordpress. Contribute to dshanske/simple-location development by creating an account on GitHub.
When adding /map/ to date-based archives and using Google maps as the map provider, the map doesn’t display on the page.
Liked Syndication Links 4.2.1 and Simple Location 4.0.2 Released by David ShanskeDavid Shanske (

Released some minor bugfix editions today.

Simple Location

  • Rounds all numbers to a maximum of two decimal points, as I introduced a bug in the last version that would fail to fill in numbers in the post editor due form validation requirements.
  • Extracts additional location information from Compass…mostly the information I store when I’m on a plane, to generate a better description of the location. It also passes this info to WordPress more effectively so it could do more in future.
  • I also introduced a new location provider. If set, if you enter a 3 letter airport code in the location name box, it will replace it with the location and name of that airport, as well as the weather. In future, I may add a similar reverse address lookup for people.
  • Misc bug fixes

Syndication Links

  • Some bug fixes introduced in 4.2.0
  • Due to the request to allow syndication provider checkboxes to be checked by default, I introduced two new filters: syndication_link_checked and syndication_link_disabled. The first parameter of each is a boolean that if true, will set either checked or disabled on that Syndication Provider. The second and third parameter is the uid of the provider and the post_id of the post.
Read Airplane Wifi Location Tracking to Tasker to Compass by David ShanskeDavid Shanske (
On my recent trip, I took Southwest Airlines for the first time in many years. At Indiewebcamp New Haven, I set up Aaron Parecki’s compass project to send my location data to. I have 59MB of location data since March 3oth, 2019. The problem is transforming the input from Southwest into the format ...

❤️ Simple Location 3.6.3 Released | David Shankse

Liked Simple Location 3.6.3 Released by David ShanskeDavid Shanske (
Version 3.6.3 of Simple Location has been released. This adds Aaron Parecki’s Compass server as a location provider. Location providers in Simple Location look up the current location of the user.  As I write this, I realize that I set it up to globally look up the location, and I could make it, ...

👓 Using the Last Seen Function in Simple Location | David Shanske

Read Using the Last Seen Function in Simple Location by David ShanskeDavid Shanske (
One of the features in Simple Location that doesn’t get much notice is the Last Seen functionality. Simple Location adds a section to your WordPress user profile called Last Reported Location. It allows you to set the last reported location for a given user.  It reports latitude, longitude, altit...
The Simple Location plugin for WordPress has some awesome power built into it. David does a great job here of explaining some of it’s additional behind-the-scenes power.

👓 Simple Location Version 3.5.2 Released | David Shanske

Liked Simple Location Version 3.5.2 Released by David ShanskeDavid Shanske (
As an update to the release I did earlier this week, I’ve released version 3.5.2 of Simple Location for WordPress. It fixes a long standing visibility issue, fixes widget titles which were introduced in 3.5, and adds a variety of style changes provided by a third party submitter(Thanks ...

Simple Location’s Last Seen widget is revealing private locations

Filed an Issue Simple Location Plugin for WordPress (GitHub)
Adds Basic Location Support to Wordpress. Contribute to dshanske/simple-location development by creating an account on GitHub.
Using the version 3.5.2 of Simple Location, I’m most recently checked into a location that is marked as private, but the location widget indicates “Private” followed by the exact street address to the private location to which I’m checked in. Previously the widget showed the most recent public location, but now it’s explicitly uncovering private locations.

Perhaps it’s related to the recent fix that was causing private posts to be marked public?

Simple Location’s “Last Seen” widget is revealing private locations.