I’ve spent part of the day cleaning up some of my checkin data on my website. As I was going through I realized a quirky error had duplicated many and was somehow stripping out additional photos.

There was also another code error which was mixing many of the checkins into my longer form articles. I’ve got a temporary fix, but need to create a filter to fix things longer term. While fixing it, I couldn’t help hearing the haunting words of Richard MacManus who recently said “…I certainly don’t want a bunch of other peoples’ checkins clogging up my feed reader.” Though I’ve spent some time trying to split out content types, I can’t help but think he was referring specifically to me. Sorry Richard!

Millions of photos of legs by beaches and pools… Now you suddenly realize what they’ve all been missing.

Millions of photos of legs by beaches and pools... Now you suddenly realize what they've all been missing: a math book on Harmonic Analysis 💡💣📚👓🎓🌡️🌞💯🔥

Instagram filter used: Clarendon

Photo taken at: Gerrish Swim & Tennis Club

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