👓 Here‚Äôs my blogroll by Kh√ľrt Williams

Read Here‚Äôs my blogroll by Kh√ľrt WilliamsKh√ľrt Williams (Island in the Net)
Aperture‚ÄĒ∆í/5 Credit‚ÄĒKh√ľrt L. Williams Camera‚ÄĒNIKON D5100 Taken‚ÄĒ25 July, 2014 Focal length‚ÄĒ85mm ISO‚ÄĒ100 Shutter speed‚ÄĒ1/400s I have a little over 100 RSS feeds in my Feedbin account. They covers a diverse set of topics around photography, Formula 1 racing, beer, diabetes, philosophy,...

Some interesting sources here, some of which I’m already following. Will have to sample some of the photography resources.


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