Aaron, I’ve heard a few mention that the plugin works for them without including either a link or a u-in-reply-to class at all, so it apparently should work exactly as one would want. I suspect that somehow the microformats mark up in my comments template is a bit “off” and thus it’s not working as expected for me. I’m worried this may also be the case for others as well, but this is the eternal theme issue that we’re all always dealing with at the moment.

Typically I’m typing out the reply and then simply adding a URL link and adding the class=”u-in-reply-to” manually, which is something I had done in the “old days” before I was using the Post Kinds plugin for all the other post types (bookmarks, likes, etc.) This seems to work for me in most cases despite my theme markup, though I notice it doesn’t seem to be sending my avatar/photo properly.

If things are as smooth as I’ve heard, the only future improvement is encouraging this sub-plugin to be merged into the primary webmentions plugin. From a programmatic viewpoint though, I’m not sure how easy/difficult that may be.

I’m not quite sure if I’ve answered all of your question as I don’t think I’m getting what you mean by “I think that this is my next step in regards to webmentions, adding more content to my links.”