Everyday Carry December 2017

I joined yet another silo. It’s really only for some research on posts and pages related to common topics like “What I’m using”, “What I’m Carrying”, “Everyday Carry”, etc.

I’ve seen interview sites related to some of these (and even YouTube channels) as well as individual posts, but Everyday Carry is the one of the first silos I’ve seen dedicated to the topic. It’s very male focused and people seem to carry lots of knives and tactical pens (who knew this was a category?). Their business model seems to be sales oriented including ads and Amazon affiliate links, but it’s an interesting concept with pretty solid execution. It seems to be an uber-niche version of the original incarnation of gdgt.com which this is very similar to, but gdgt eventually morphed into something else.

I will say that the visual presentation is rather stunning and intriguing, though in practice some of the mouse-overs don’t always work as well as one would expect.

There is a somewhat prurient nature to seeing what people are carrying, though this incarnation makes it overly obvious that the collections are all-too-curated. It’s definitely not the sort of bum-rush sort with potentially embarrassing video I’ve seen before on YouTube.

I’m including below an embedded version of my post which includes some of their native UI, which seems pretty slick for such a site.

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