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Read IndieWeb WordPress Feedback by gRegor MorrillgRegor Morrill (gregorlove.com)
I’m upgrading a friend’s WordPress site and decided to go through the IndieWeb’s Getting Started on WordPress page. Here’s some notes as I go through the process, trying to view it through the lens of someone who isn’t already familiar with indieweb terminology.

gRegor is spot on for a lot of this, but I think the solution may be to leave the IndieWeb-speak versions on the wiki as they are for the Generation 1 crowd and start all over again with some new pages geared specifically toward Gen2+ which don’t include a lot of our specific jargon.

People just want to use their websites in a way that Just Works™, they don’t necessarily want to learn a whole new vocabulary to do so. While I think it’s very useful to know that vocabulary and reframe one’s perspective about the web and how it works, it shouldn’t be a necessary condition for joining in on all the fun.

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