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Read TWELP: Twitter Help by Estelle WeylEstelle Weyl (Standardista)

Sometimes Twitter gets things wrong. Very, very, wrong. A few ‚Äúfeatures‚ÄĚ that I think are bugs include Twitter Moments,

To this end, I created a little bookmarklet called ‚ÄúTWELP‚ÄĚ.

The bookmarklet creates a kill function that:

  1. hides promoted tweets by finding the parent tweet containing a promoted-tweet child class
  2. hides any ‚Äúliked‚ÄĚ tweets that contain the heart icon, including uninteresting tweets in your stream suck as the fact that your friend Jane liked a tweet of a picture of her acquaintance Joe, who you are not following, eating an oyster. Seriously, who the fuck cares? It also hides the ‚Äúpeople who liked your tweet‚ÄĚ feature in your notifications. Not sure if that is a feature or a bug.
  3. The ‚Äė.js-activity-generic‚Äô hides the ‚Äėpat and chris followed leslie‚Äô. Seriously, double wtf cares? I am testing in production, so maybe this has some unwanted side effects.
  4. hides the ‚ÄúMoments‚ÄĚ tab by hiding the tab that has the ¬†js-moments-tab class
  5. hides promoted modules that I hate like ‚ÄúIn Case You Missed It‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúWho to follow‚ÄĚ
  6. Calls itself once per second so if you scroll, it will continue killing those annoying tweets mentioned above.
  7. You have to pass window.jQuery to $ because Firefox defines it’s own $. (Thanks to @Potch for that tidbit)

TWELP¬†‚Äď You can drag this link to your bookmarks bar, and click TWELP bookmarklet whenever you load Twitter. It kills the ‚ÄúMoments‚ÄĚ tab, all ads, and removes the ‚ÄúX liked‚ÄĚ tweets.

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