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Read Nassim Taleb explains the power of “skin in the game” (The Economist)
Skin in the Game: Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life. By Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Random House; 304 pages; $30. Allen Lane; £20. IN 2001 Nassim Taleb published “Fooled by Randomness”, an entertaining and provocative book on the misunderstood role of chance.
I’ve enjoyed his prior books which I always felt rambled on a bit without a lot of real structure. This review makes me think he’s gone even further off the rails. While I admire and respect his work, it’s very painful to read. I’ve always thought it could stand a far stronger editorial influence to improve its logic and flow. I suspect that while his books sell, they’re not as widely accepted nor do they have the impact that they could have. I’m iffy on whether or not this one is worth the time.

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