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Podcasts of things I’ve listened to or want to listen to

I don’t really think of it as a “podcast” per se, but since I make “listen” posts of all the various podcasts and audio I listen to and the vast majority of those posts include direct links to the audio files, my own listen feed essentially becomes a self-published podcast of all the stuff I’m listening to that others could potentially consume. Maybe I should call it a faux-cast?

Here’s the link you can use to subscribe in your favorite podcatcher:

Perhaps one day I’ll do more with feed validation and submit it to various distribution channels to make searching/subscribing easier, but since I’m not really “promoting” it as anything other than a means of discovery (or extreme stalker behavior) I won’t take the time now.

As I think about creating “want” posts in the near term, perhaps I’ll create a feed of want-to-listen-to items as another discovery channel option as well. In some sense, this is how I use my account. It has a subscribe-able list of audio items I want to listen to at some point in the future. Since I can add my Huffduffer feed (or those of others) to my podcatcher, it helps enable me to easily get the content to my phone or other devices to listen to a variety of new things. There’s no reason not to do all of this on my own site explicitly.

Now if only podcatchers could support micropub for more easily creating scrobbles or “listens”…

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29 thoughts on “Podcasts of things I’ve listened to or want to listen to”

    1. I’ve actually got an experimental site up and running that takes the data from my account using and posts it to a WordPress install. I still need to work on the UI and add some additional functionality so it doesn’t overwhelm my primary site. As a result I have yet to fold the functionality and the saved data into my primary site.

      Syndicated copies:

    2. Matt Maldre says:

      Oh wow. I gotta know how you get twitter at-replies to appear as comments. Is this a manual copy-and-paste? Or some sort of system?

      1. Sorry, Matt, I’m just seeing this now. Not sure how I missed it originally unless there was such a huge bunch of responses on the site that your comment got scrolled further back than I managed to catch up with. It’s been a busy month and change.

        In any case, replies via Twitter (and similarly Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and even GitHub) are done courtesy of a lot of the IndieWeb technology underpinning my site. I’ve documented the Twitter specific portion in the past, but the others are done very similarly once you’ve got Twitter working:

        If you want to extend the functionality and UI a bit you might also try this on for size:

        Apologies again for not having seen this sooner.

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  1. Matt Maldre says:

    The iTunes podcast feature has been so buggy for me, I’ve been looking for a new podcast routine. I’ll give Hufferduffer combined with feedly. I’ll subscribe to all my favorite podcasts via feedly. Then every couple days, I’ll go through feedly and select which podcasts I want to add to Hufferduffer–which then will populate my phone with audio with the Downcast app.

  2. A podcast is an episodic series of audio and/or video posts that can be subscribed to and downloaded for offline listening/viewing.

  3. A scrobble (AKA a listen) is a passive type of post used to publish a song (music or audio track, including concert recordings or DJ sets) or podcast that you have listened to.

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