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I’m going to try an experiment. From now and some time ahead I’m going to be tracking my podcast listening (scrobbling, if you prefer) on my blog. Every episode of every show that I listen to will be a blog post in my Listen-of category. Some posts will be nothing but the title of the podcast and episodes, others will contain short comments from me and some might even have really long comments.

The idea behind this is that I, like many other people, listen to a lot of podcasts. I often find food for thought in these and often find myself wanting to have a way of cataloging what I’ve listened to and what was interesting in the episodes. Up until now I haven’t had a good system for that and now, I have a system. Whether it’s a good one or not, time will tell.

For now I’ll let these posts syndicate to Micro.blog but if I feel like they fill my timeline there with noise I might make some tweaks to the backend on my blog to stop them from syndicating.

It’s interesting to see someone else tracking what they’re listening to. I try to include the .mp3 or other audio files in my post with proper markup to create a faux-cast of sorts that others can subscribe to. Somewhat like reading.am, I find that discovery of podcasts by seeing what others are actually listening to is far more valuable than what they simply say they’re listening to.

I’m hoping that podcast apps like Overcast by @marco might support technology like webmention and micropub in the future to make some of this stuff a bit easier as well as more valuable.

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