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A wonderful mentor recently advised me to write for the job that I wanted. I liked this advice a bit more than the classic ‚Äúdress for the position you want‚ÄĚ, but wasn‚Äôt quite sure where to start. Writing anything began to feel like an intense endeavor that would map out the path my life would follow singularly, no wandering adventures. A tad dramatic, right? My previous writing had touched on a number of things: graffiti and street art, women‚Äôs history, 3D modeling, and workshops. But lately I have felt stuck and I have made all of the excuses: I‚Äôm too busy. There‚Äôs other tasks that need to be completed first. I‚Äôm tired of staring at a computer screen. I‚Äôm not a very good writer. When I finally logged into my blog, I found a hacked mess. Another excuse not to write as I focused on rebuilding.

I too spend an inordinate amount of time monkeying around with my website/writing platform, but I also find that by using it as a regular commonplace book, I’m rarely at a loss for something to write about…

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