👓 Reasons for Using Avatar Privacy | Code by Der Mundschenk & Cie.

Read Reasons for Using Avatar Privacy (Code by Der Mundschenk & Cie.)
In what way are avatars a pri¬≠va¬≠cy risk? To dis¬≠play an avatar im¬≠age, you pub¬≠lish an en¬≠crypt¬≠ed ver¬≠sion (MD5) of the e-‚Äčmail ad¬≠dress in the gravatar‚Äôs im¬≠age URL. Gra‚Äčvatar‚Äč.com then de¬≠cides if there is an avatar im¬≠age to de¬≠liv¬≠er, oth¬≠er¬≠wise the de¬≠fault im¬≠age is de¬≠liv¬≠ered. The de¬≠fault image‚Äôs ad¬≠dress is al¬≠so part of the over¬≠all gra¬≠vatar …

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