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Watched "The Five" Episode #1.10 from Netflix
Directed by Mark Tonderai. With Stephen Boxer, Paul Warriner, Jessica Neil, Imogen Neil. As the investigation into Jesse's disappearance takes an unexpected turn, it is time for Mark and his family to finally face up to the truth, but will they ever be the same again? Pru enlists Slade's help as she worries how Mark will take the news of her shocking discovery, and they face a race against time as they do everything that they can to help him rescue his family before it is too late.
Overall, this was a relatively interesting series. It definitely became much better in the end that it started out. The first few episodes were very muddy and I almost gave up, but it generally paid off in the end. There were several instances of deus-ex-machina to drive the plot or increase the drama, but I’ll give them a flier.

Definitely a limited series here though. I’m not sure I’d buy any of the machinations flowing out of this as the seed for additional seasons.

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