RSVP to Virtual Homebrew Website Club Meetup on July 25, 2018

RSVPed Attending Virtual Homebrew Website Club Meetup on July 25, 2018

Are you building your own website? Indie reader? Personal publishing web app? Or some other digital magic-cloud proxy? If so, come on by and join a gathering of people with likeminded interests. Bring your friends who want to start a personal web site. Exchange information, swap ideas, talk shop, help work on a project…

Everyone of every level is welcome to participate! Don’t have a domain yet? Come along and someone can help you get started and provide resources for creating the site you’ve always wanted.

This virtual HWC meeting is for site builders who either can’t make a regular in-person meeting or don’t yet have critical mass to host one in their area. It will be hosted on Google Hangouts.

Time:  to 
Location: Google Hangouts (link to Hangout TBD)

I hope the following can come and join me:
David Shanske
gRegor Morrill
Greg McVerry
William Ian O’Byrne
Clint Lalonde
Aaron Davis
Doug Beal
Cathie LeBlanc
John Johnson
Taylor Jaydin
Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Alan Jacobs
Dan Cohen
Asher Silberman
Micah Cambre
Michael Kirk
Scott Gruber
Chris Bolas
Michael Bishop
Khürt Williams
Eddie Hinkle
Aaron Parecki

I’ve never done it before, and I’ve never received one myself, but I’m going to send some invitations (via webmention) to folks to join me. I’m curious how the original post will handle it and what Semantic Linkbacks will do and what it will display. Semantic Linkbacks is set up to display RSVP:Invitations, but I’m not sure what will happen. So this post will serve as a test and we’ll see! Is anyone else supporting invitations (sending or displaying)? In the future I could see supporting an Event Invitations page similar to my Mentions page which displays all the events I’ve been invited to.

Incidentally I’m noticing that there’s also an issue in the latest update that RSVP’s on prior event posts aren’t facepiling like they should/used to.

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Chris Aldrich

I'm a biomedical and electrical engineer with interests in information theory, complexity, evolution, genetics, signal processing, IndieWeb, theoretical mathematics, and big history. I'm also a talent manager-producer-publisher in the entertainment industry with expertise in representation, distribution, finance, production, content delivery, and new media.

6 thoughts on “RSVP to Virtual Homebrew Website Club Meetup on July 25, 2018”

  1. Webmentions and pingbacks may not be working at all on my website. I did not see this post nor did my Webmention reply to it appear here.

  2. I set up a page to display Webmentions of this type but … Webmentions are not being displayed. I don’t think it would have mattered. Akismet would have automatically approved your Webmention and I would not have seen it anyway. The only reason I know you sent a Webmention is because I saw them on the dashboard of Sometimes when I send pingbacks they are not received at the other website and I can’t receive pingbacks from that website. An example here:
    I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but as you know, I am frustrated by “it doesn’t always work” when using the IndieWeb plugins. It can be challenging to troubleshoot if the problem is the theme, another plugin, server issues, etc. In the past few months, I have chosen to ignore the problems because the technical issues use up free time that I could be doing something else.

    1. A lot of the infrastructure for the plugins is contingent on having a theme that is properly marked up with microformats, so using themes that don’t (and switching amongt them) is likely to give you the mixed bag of results you’ve been experiencing. This is certainly a known issue that many have been working on fixing. A recent method for working around it (at least temporarily) involves installing and activating the mf2 feed plugin and ensuring that you’ve at least got a reasonable h-card on your posts, either by using the widget built into the IndieWeb Plugin or manually writing one (this is the option I’ve taken) and putting it on the page.

      As for your mentions page, I’ve written a tad about how I did it myself when things were more manual, but I’ve updated it with details for doing a bit more automatically by using built in settings available at /wp-admin/admin.php?page=webmention#webmention_support_pages. It will only collect mentions that are sent to your homepage/root URL (If it’s set up properly, this will hopefully serve as a test.)

      Your best bet for pingback troubleshooting (presuming you’ve got them turned on–and if they aren’t then I don’t think that receiving webmentions will work either–/wp-admin/options-discussion.php) is to hop into the IndieWeb chat and ask David Shanske (aka GWG) who does a lot of the webmention plugin and is the core maintainer for the pingback module for WordPress.

      Hope this helps…

      Syndicated copies:

      1. Interestingly I disabled the microformats2 plug because it seemed to be doing more harm than good. At the moment I can’t remember what the issues were. I have re-enabled the plugin and will monitor to see if the issue was related to that.

        Pingbacks have always been enabled on my website. For some reason they no longer work. The one example I posted in my comment was for a webiste that I have interacted with for over a year. Pingbacks used to work but now do not. I am sure the problem is on my end but I don’t know how to trouble shoot this. The apache error logs don’t seem to be useless for this. When I have some time I’ll try to drop in on the IndieWeb chat for some help.

        I have my website setup to collect webmentions. I see the Webmentions in the WordPress comments admin UI (there are 155 from Twitter) but … they do no display on the page:

        Basically … nothing works and I don’t know why.

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