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  1. @c I agree, especially since it helps dispel the myth that Micro.blog is heavily biased toward or overpopulated by the tech/web nerds. I think teachers — and librarians! — are often every bit as much on the front lines of new technologies as the techies are. That, at any rate, was my impression during the first big blog rush of the late 90s & early aughts — and the email/BBS of the 80s & early 90s.

  2. @c @rnv

    Historians of Micro.blog (though I think only @schuth is in academia at the moment):


    Two archaeologists-to-be:


    Educators (I also ran across a gentleman this weekend whose bio included “high school principal” but can’t recall who):

    @craigmcclellan (also @theclassnerd podcast)

    And last but not least, one more librarian:


    (I really wish we had lists and better access to our list of people we follow, and/or searching of bio text, so I wouldn’t have to top-of-my-head these sorts of things every time someone asks “who are the foo on Micro.blog”—but, in time, it will come 😉 )


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