🎧 Episode 34: Daniel Jalkut aka @danielpunkass | Micro Monday

Listened to Episode 34: Daniel Jalkut aka @danielpunkass from monday.micro.blog

On this week’s episode, Jean chats with Daniel Jalkut, the developer of MarsEdit, the blogging editor for Mac. As co-host with Manton on the Core Intuition podcast for 10 years, Daniel has had a front-row seat at Micro.blog’s inception and evolution. We examine the multifaceted nature of Micro.blog, its dual nature as a business and a mission, and how we are still figuring where to put our social media energies.

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🎧 Micro Monday Extra: @verso at Chicago-O’Hare airport, talking about Macstock | Micro Monday

Listened to Micro Monday Extra: @verso at Chicago-O'Hare airport, talking about Macstock by Micro MondayMicro Monday from monday.micro.blog

In this special extra edition of the Micro Monday Microcast, Kelly Guimont and Jean have enough time before their plane home to Portland to talk about the fantastic experience they had at the 2018 Macstock Expo and Conference, and to start making plans for the 2019 event.

🎧 Episode 17: @eli | Micro Monday

Listened to Episode 17: @eli by Micro MondayMicro Monday from monday.micro.blog

Eli Mellen, an art historian and printmaker turned web developer, talks to Jean about how he went from his “angsty LiveJournal” to being a proponent of the IndieWeb, and why he likes the new IndieWeb Ring. Eli is also the maintainer of Micro.wiki: Community resources for the avid Micro.blogger.

Eli’s wiki is truly a hidden gem.

🎧 Episode 16: @vanessa | Micro Monday

Listened to Episode 16: @vanessa by Micro MondayMicro Monday from monday.micro.blog

Vanessa Hamshere is a musician, a crafter, a photographer, and one of the “fountain pens, paper, and planners gang.” We talk about how online communities evolve and thrive, and how a good mix of technical expertise and interests helps everyone.

It’s nice to have a group of people from across the world with different interests. I love random conversations.

Vanessa gives Colin Walker and I an overly kind little shout out during the episode. I suspect she either knows more than she lets on or she’s got a ton of tenacity, because she has a very lovely site. Lately I noticed that she’s even begun delving into microsub clients and Indiepaper, which I have barely begun to scratch the surface of, so perhaps I’ll have to pick her brain a bit in return.

🎧 Episode 14: @jw | Micro Monday

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Jim Withington, joins us on Micro Monday. Jim is currently a web developer in Portland who describes himself as someone who likes getting excited about things and blogging about them. We talk about the XOXO Conference in Portland, about the unexpected delight of photoblogging with Micro.blog, and whether Micro.dog should be a thing.

🎧 Episode 15: @mnmltek | Micro Monday

Listened to Episode 15: @mnmltek by Micro MondayMicro Monday from monday.micro.blog

This week, Jean interviews the host of the the mnmltek microcastChris Powell.

Chris’s passion is sharing tech knowledge and other help for humans. In addition to the microcast, Chris blogs, podcasts, and writes a newsletter. “If you’re not sharing your thoughts, opinions, or what’s inside of you, you need to know that your voice matters.”

I’ll have to take a look at Chris‘ podcast. I wonder if he’s been to any of the Bellingham Homebrew Website Club meetups or perhaps the IWC in 2017?

I’m also interested to hear more about his technology career in higher education. Perhaps he might be interested in joining some of us in IndieWeb for Education?

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