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Yesterday I realized that I would really love a standalone app for publishing to that was focused on WordPress. The app itself would be structured very simply: it would open to a list of…
This sounds like something I think a lot of people would want. I know I do. It’d be particularly great if one could also simultaneously update/edit posts as well, particularly when one is syndicating them to via a feed. (Or does accept fat pings to update the content? and maybe add some UI to indicate it was edited at a later date to prevent people from doing a bait and switch post?)

The closest thing I can think of currently for this is Aaron Parecki’s open sourced Quill app which works via micropub (to both WordPress and/or hosted, or to WordPress and then syndicated via feed to I suspect that, depending on how one authenticates, Quill could (?) be aware of syndicated copies to and be able to edit the posts on both platforms after-the-fact. Since Quill is a (progressive?) web app, it could be used as a mobile app on both iOS and Android.

As an aside, I notice your WordPress blog shows a generic: “This Article was mentioned on” line in many of your comments. Are you doing this by design, or are you unaware of the Symantic Linkbacks plugin which will help to take webmentions to your site and help turn them into more friendly looking replies within your comments section?

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  1. Replies can’t be updated, but original posts within 24 hours can. They are updated at a regular interval by or if your feed supports WebSub, then will update your posts as soon as you send a WebSub update ping to your hub. It’s a great app idea, but the tell “ to update” part probably doesn’t need to be part of it.

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