👓 #EDU522 Week Two Update | Greg McVerry

Replied to #EDU522 Week Two Update #doo #edtechchat by Greg Mcverry (jgregorymcverry.com)

You are right Miguel!

This is awesome. What might otherwise be a relatively dull update is suddenly awesome and entertaining to watch. I may lose the month to playing around with Plotagon now.

I do wish they had a way to do embeds directly though. The iframe isn’t the best and I suspect is doing wonky things for the page, though at least it’s viewable. Perhaps using the page’s .mp4 with <video> tags?

One thought on “👓 #EDU522 Week Two Update | Greg McVerry”

  1. It is a fun medium. I have used it for kids to simulate read alouds. It is really hard to teach children’s literature and early reading without actual children so I use Plotagon. Granted this often leads to preschool being taught in pubs or subways..but hey let’s turn the city into a campus I always say.
    They have a video export to YouTube but I had trouble connecting their account. Looks like the platform just got a huge overhaul

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