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Inspired by Brad Enslen‚Äôs ‚Äėexit page‚Äô concept, I‚Äôve added a ‚Äėthe end‚Äô post to this blog. (I also have to say that many of my upcoming changes are inspired by h0p3‚Äôs wiki‚ÄĒmoving away from just a blog of recent posts, to a kind of modern home page with updates and Indieweb intertwingliness.) ‚ÄėThe end‚Äô can be seen right now on /page3, if you scroll to the very bottom. Small, needless things‚ÄĒlovely.

As I am semi-regularly importing more content to my site, I wonder about where to put the “end”. What happens when I post something and something gets imported at a timestamp before it? I’ll have to think about how to architect it so as not to need to move it around so much in the future.

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