👓 IndieWebCamp Oxford | Dan Q

Liked IndieWebCamp Oxford by Dan Q (danq.me)
This weekend, I attended part of Oxford‚Äôs first ever IndieWebCamp! As a long (long, long) time proponent of IndieWeb philosophy (since long before anybody said ‚ÄúIndieWeb‚ÄĚ, at least) I‚Äôve got my personal web presence pretty-well sorted out. Still, I loved the idea of attending and pushing some of my own tools even further: after all, a personal website isn‚Äôt ‚Äúfinished‚ÄĚ until its owner says it is! One of the things I ended up hacking on was pretty-predictable: enhancements to my recently-open-sourced geocaching PESOS tools‚Ķ but the other‚Äôs worth sharing too, I think.

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