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In¬†number theory, a¬†Sierpinski¬†or¬†SierpiŇĄski number¬†is an odd¬†natural number¬†k¬†such that¬†{\displaystyle k\times 2^{n}+1}¬†is¬†composite, for all natural numbers¬†n. In 1960,¬†WacŇāaw SierpiŇĄski¬†proved that there are¬†infinitely¬†many odd¬†integers¬†k¬†which have this property. In other words, when¬†k¬†is a SierpiŇĄski number, all members of the following¬†set¬†are composite:
{\displaystyle \left\{\,k\cdot {}2^{n}+1:n\in \mathbb {N} \,\right\}.}

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