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Read It’s About Time! by Wafic Khalil (ColoradoBoulevard.net)
ColoradoBoulevard.net Print Edition will be published monthly, on the 2nd week of each month, covering the Greater Pasadena area (South Pasadena, San Marino, Pasadena, Altadena, Sierra Madre). We are a grass root movement (opposite to the trend of hedge fund companies gobbling print newspapers, laying off their staff and practicing “cutting and pasting”). And if you choose to subscribe or advertise, rest assured you are helping true local journalism thrive and a local institution. Your money will go to help sustain the future of our community based newspaper. Our monthly print Edition will be different from our online daily edition. Each will have differing content, sharing as the need arises. It’s about time we clean out local journalism from imposters and big money interests and make print hip again.
Wafic buried the lede a bit here since it wasn’t in the headline… Congratulations though!

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