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Read Emacs from a clean slate (but she's a girl...)
I feel like this post could be subtitled ‚ÄúFor real this time‚ÄĚ. Let‚Äôs just say that it‚Äôs certainly not my first time down an Emacs rabbit hole. I‚Äôve used Spacemacs, then given up because I found it hard to maintain and fix small issues that arose. Then I moved to Doom Emacs, and liked it a lot. It was more compact and less monolithic than Spacemacs, but it still required more Emacs knowledge than I had at the time to understand how all the working parts fitted together. Then I went back to Neovim, and so the bouncing between Vim and Emacs cycle began again. This time, something struck me: what if I was approaching Emacs in the wrong way, trying to make it into something it isn‚Äôt, namely Vim? What if I actually took the time to learn how to do things the Emacs Way, and built up my configuration from scratch, adding only what I needed and understood? It was a crazy idea, but it might just work‚Ķ

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