📑 How to Talk to People, According to Terry Gross | New York Times

Annotated How to Talk to People, According to Terry Gross (New York Times)
“Well, I don’t think it is in my self-interest to tutor people on how to dodge a question,” Ms. Gross said. But, when pressed — perhaps regretting the previous advice she gave to this interviewer about how to get people to answer questions they don’t want to answer (“keep asking”) — she suggests using honesty. Say, “I don’t want to answer that,” or, if that’s too blunt, hedge with a statement like, “I’m having a difficult time thinking of a specific answer to that.” Going the martyr route with something like, “I’m afraid by answering that I’m going to hurt somebody’s feelings and I don’t want to do that,” is another option.  âť§

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  1. I heard an interview Gross did with Rami Malek today in which he actually said something along the lines, “I usually wouldn’t reveal so much about myself, but I’m glad I had the chance to talk to you today on NPR.” Makes me wonder if he read this article before his interview?

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