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Read Lecture notes! Intro to Quantum Information Science by Scott Aaronson (Shtetl-Optimized )
In Spring 2017, I taught a new undergraduate course at UT Austin, entitled Introduction to Quantum Information Science. There were about 60 students, mostly CS but also with strong representation from physics, math, and electrical engineering. One student, Ewin Tang, made a previous appearance on this blog. But today belongs to another student, Paulo Alves, who took it upon himself to make detailed notes of all of my lectures. Using Paulo‚Äôs notes as a starting point, and after a full year of procrastination and delays, I‚Äôm now happy to release the full lecture notes for the course. Among other things, I‚Äôll be using these notes when I teach the course a second time, starting ‚Ķ holy smokes ‚Ķ this Wednesday. I don‚Äôt pretend that these notes break any new ground. Even if we restrict to undergrad courses only (which rules out, e.g., Preskill‚Äôs legendary notes), there are already other great quantum information lecture notes available on the web, such as these from Berkeley (based on a course taught by, among others, my former adviser Umesh Vazirani and committee member Birgitta Whaley), and these from John Watrous in Waterloo. There are also dozens of books‚ÄĒincluding Mermin‚Äôs, which we used in this course. The only difference with these notes is that ‚Ķ well, they cover exactly the topics I‚Äôd cover, in exactly the order I‚Äôd cover them, and with exactly the stupid jokes and stories I‚Äôd tell in a given situation. So if you like my lecturing style, you‚Äôll probably like these, and if not, not (but given that you‚Äôre here, there‚Äôs hopefully some bias toward the former).

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