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1. This post has no technical content. As the tag indicates, it‚Äôs entirely ‚ÄúNerd Self-Help‚ÄĚ‚ÄĒthoughts I‚Äôve recently found extremely helpful to me, and that I‚Äôm hopeful some others might be able to apply to their own life situations. If that doesn‚Äôt interest you, feel free to skip.

2. I’m using the numbered list format simply because I have a large number of interrelated things to say, and getting each one down precisely seems more important than fashioning them into some coherent narrative.

From section 17:

But you, readers, armed with wisdom I lacked, can reach a happy place in your lives a hell of a lot faster than I did.

An important reason for people to blog and share their stories.

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