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Read Saturday, November 17, 2018 by Dave Winer (Scripting News)
So what does a Like mean here on Scripting News? It's a way to tell me that you saw what I wrote and found it likeable. It doesn't mean you necessarily agree. You're also registering your presence to other people who read this blog. Maybe it's more like a ping? Hmmm. I know the Like icon doesn't show up in your feed reader (maybe that can change) but it may be worth a trip to my blog if you want to say hi to me and others who read this blog. That's what it means. #  
An interesting method for adding “likes” to one’s site, though I suspect that it’s entirely dependent on Twitter’s API but really only uses Twitter identity. I wonder what happens to the data if Twitter were to disappear? Is he just saving Twitter usernames?

The UI isn’t completely transparent. Am I liking something that was syndicated to Twitter from Dave’s site and also thereby indicating a like for something that exists on Twitter? Or is it just using my Twitter identity and username and saving it on that particular permalink without creating a like on my actual Twitter account that’s related to something in Dave’s account? Based on some Twitter searches, I’m guessing it’s the latter.

This is also somewhat reminiscent of my experiment last year: Adding Simple Twitter Response Buttons to WordPress Posts, though my version allowed people to retweet and reply and kept copies of the data on both my site as well as on Twitter.

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