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this post will be updated as I find more websites to add! please check with the original before reblogging to see if there’s an updated version, and message me with more suggestions if you have them!!

for general use

  • myspace.com - yes, it still exists, i’m just as surprised as you
  • soup.io - very similar to tumblr, plus it can import your tumblr blog
  • twitter.com - allows posting both text and photos in sets, allows retweets

geared towards writers and bloggers

geared towards artists and photographers

  • deviantart.com - huge community, allows posting art + sorting into folders
  • furaffinity.net - similar to DA but for furries, easy to display commish info
  • instagram.com - photo and video posts, excellent tag search
  • piczel.tv - allows both streaming and posting art / photosets to a gallery
  • pixiv.net - huge anime art community, allows livestreaming

paid platforms

  • patreon.com - subscription-based access to many diff types of content
  • pillowfort.io - still in beta, but should function almost identically to tumblr
  • typepad.com - similar to wordpress but with reblogging and a dash

ways to save your current tumblr posts

  • use the wayback machine! you do have to archive each page of your blog individually but once you do all the content, including media, will be saved exactly as it was at the moment you archived it.

  • wordpress and soup both allow you to directly import whole tumblr blogs, and if i recall correctly it’s something both dreamwidth and pillowfort have said they are working on.

  • if you have some knowledge of computers you can try this github solution which uses a python script to download your whole blog to your computer. even if you don’t know anything about programming or the command line they give a very good beginners tutorial on how to use it so you should still give it a shot!

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