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100% Facebook Free badge

I’m still working on helping people to leave Facebook and that’s the only reason I’m still on the platform. Otherwise I don’t use it, don’t support it, and don’t give them any more of my data. For those who have left, BaseCamp has created a CA BY-SA 4.0 badge for those who have.

100% Facebook Free badge released under Creative Commons (CA BY-SA 4.0) by BaseCamp

At Basecamp, we‚Äôve decided to go Facebook Free from today. If you‚Äôd like to join, either today, tomorrow or next year, just comment on this post, and we‚Äôll highlight credible pledges for all to see. You‚Äôre also free to use the 100% Facebook Free badge that we‚Äôve released under Creative Commons (CA BY-SA 4.0) and have it link back to this page.

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