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Read Book Notes: ‘Sapiens,’ by Yuval Noah Harari by Newley PurnellNewley Purnell (newley.com)

A deeply thought-provoking book about how homo sapiens came to dominate the world – and how our advancements have come at a significant cost.

I love big, sprawling books that tackle huge subjects and challenge you to change the way you conceive of the world.

This global bestseller, which has been all the rage among Silicon Valley technologists in recent years, in particular, is one of the best of that sort of title I’ve read.

If Newley likes this and Guns, Germs, and Steel, he’ll likely love David Christian’s Maps of Time.

Unlike typical book blogs, it looks like Newley is posting these types of reviews, quotes, and ideas in a way similar to how I set out my own online commonplace book.

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