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Read A Reading Plan for 2019 by Patrick Rhone (patrickrhone.net)
Last year, I publicized my reading plan for the year. Overall, I’m very happy with the number of books I managed to read (20) and the quality of what I read. There are some aspects of the plan I wish I’d been better at but that’s a small regret. I enjoyed almost everything I picked up with few...
I like the idea of a reading plan (or personal syllabus, if you will). I’m not sure I could be as rigid about letting new titles onto my list though.

I did a miserable job of reading the non-fiction on my list this year, but did a good bit of juvenile fiction that I enjoyed. I did however read a humongous amount of online content (articles, etc.) and managed to log nearly every bit of it.

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  1. I consider reading lists the same way I think about MOOCs. If I do not finish them then it does not matter too much.
    I like your point about books too. As I reflect on my lack of long form reading this year I am reminded by Pocket that I have read what would be quite a few books worth of posts and articles:

    I too have recorded much of this too 🙂

    1. One of the few reasons I still use Pocket is actually for that end-of-the-year synopsis of what I’ve read. (Their emailed recommendations aren’t too bad either.) I just checked my email to see where I ranked. Apparently I’ve moved from the top 1% of readers on their platform to the top 5%! I suspect it’s more a reflection that as I’ve been owning more of my reading data on my own website, I give less and less of it to Pocket. While people are generally bad about making estimates of this sort, I feel like I’ve actually read a lot more online than I have in years past.

      I’ll have to take some time to dig into the data I’ve collected to see what the truth is.

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