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Watched Lecture 6: The Gospel of Mark by Dale B. Martin from RLST 152: Introduction to the New Testament History and Literature

The Gospels of the New Testament are not biographies, and, in this class, they are read through a historical critical lens. This means that the events they narrate are not taken at face value as historical. The Gospel of Mark illustrates how the gospel writer skillfully crafts a narrative in order to deliver a message. It is a message that emphasizes a suffering messiah, and the necessity of suffering before glory. The gospel’s apocalyptic passages predict troubles for the Jewish temple and incorporate this prediction with its understanding of the future coming of the Son of Man.

00:00 - Chapter 1. The Gospels Not As Biographies
13:44 - Chapter 2. A Historical Critical Reading of Mark
22:18 - Chapter 3. Mark's Messiah
30:26 - Chapter 4. The Apocalyptic in Mark

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