Checked into Patti Cakes
Ugh… The clerk at the counter coughed directly into her hand immediately before taking out a bag and serving me a pastry (fortunately at least using tongs). I’m sure this was after helping the prior customer at the cash register, handling their payment, and not bothering to wash her hands at any point. What a public health nightmare! Some inexpensive disposable rubber gloves could be a welcome addition for people serving and running the register.

The final kicker was that the apples in the pastry were severely overcooked and had almonds hidden inside instead of obviously decorating the top.

Pastry at this level and price needs to pay way more attention to the details.

Not sure I can revisit again, which is sad because its an otherwise nice local pastry shop.

1900 Allen Ave, Altadena, CA, 91001, United States

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