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Larry, there are a large number of videos about the IndieWeb available. I’ll make a few recommendations from the broadest and shortest to the most specific and longer given what I suspect about you and your background.

This short 13 minute video Why We Need the IndieWeb by Tantek Çelik from 2014 has some of the best background, history, and broad philosophy.

A longer version of this video with more detail is his The once and future IndieWeb.

Since I’m sure you’re aware of much of the history and some of the problems (though who couldn’t use a good reveiw), you may want to start with more practical concerns and for this there are several, roughly equivalent videos by Jeremy Keith that would be an excellent overview for you including Taking Back The Web (Webstock ‘18):

The following are similar, but excellent as well: Taking Back the Web and  Building Blocks of the IndieWeb.

And finally, bringing things closest to home for you and potentially applying these pieces to a WordPress site, knowing that is what you use, I’ve got a (less exciting and more didactic) video Setting up WordPress for IndieWeb Use that walks through adding all of these pieces to a WordPress site in a step-by-step manner. 

Please let me know if I can be of further help.

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  1. @c Thanks for those links. I finally understand what Webmentions are! So cool to see a Webstock talk featured. Just a by-the-by — I was one of the original founders of Webstock, way back in 2006.

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