I had a great time at WordCamp Orange County this weekend. Apparently it was so much fun and I got so wrapped up that I did a less than stellar job of documenting as much of it as I would have liked in my digital commonplace book. I do wish I had thought to take way more pictures. Fortunately there are enough snippets and photos from others that I’ll remember the highlights. Hopefully the sessions I missed will pop up on WordPress.tv soon.

I’ve already begun digging into some follow up and what comes next. One of my favorite ideas is doing a future WordCamp for Kids in the Los Angeles area. I’ve also begun thinking of some future volunteering-related projects at larger scale, but more on that later.

Thanks again to all the volunteers, sponsors, and attendees who helped to make it such a great camp!

I’m pretty sure I caught the right people in person, but I’ll say it again that this was one of my favorite camp themes of all time.

Cartoon logo for the camp featuring progressively darker waves going down the page with a brighter periscope view of a yellow submarine in the center

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