📺 Bringing WordPress Core to PHP 5.6 and Beyond | WordCamp Orange County 2019

Watched Bringing WordPress Core to PHP 5.6 and Beyond by Andy FragenAndy Fragen from WordCamp Orange County 2019

Every version of PHP from 7.0 and below has been designated end of life (EOL). Currently, WordPress’ minimum PHP requirement is 5.2.7 which was EOL’d over 8 years ago.

In the 2018 State of the Word Matt said we would be moving to PHP 5.6 as a minimum requirement in April, 2019 and increasing the minimum to PHP 7.0 by the end of 2019.

This presentation will attempt to describe the safeguards put in place to avoid breaking the internet.

While they may often seem highly technical (but really aren’t), Andy’s talks are always great because he helps to uncover some of the very subtle clues to unwinding the WordPress community, how it works, and how to more easily participate in and contribute to it at more advanced levels. While I get a lot of fun technical tidbits out of his talks, it’s really the culture portions that are subtly far more important.

Thanks Andy, sorry I couldn’t be there to support you in person.

I’ll note that while not traditional slides that Andy has posted the bulk of his talk with images and text here: Bringing WordPress Core to PHP 5.6 and Beyond

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