👓 Playing with the Indieweb | Notist | Stephen Rushe

Read Playing with the Indieweb by Stephen Rushe (noti.st)
I‚Äôve recently been exploring the world of the IndieWeb, and owning my own content rather than being reliant on the continued existence of ‚Äúsilos‚ÄĚ to maintain it. This has led me to discover the varied eco-system of IndieWeb, such as IndieAuth, Microformats, Micropub, Webmentions, Microsub, POSSE, and PESOS. I‚Äôll give a whirlwind high-level tour of each and also show examples of the related projects I‚Äôve spend my time on in recent months, including hand-crafted artisanal music scrobbling.

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