@JerryMichalski @j3rry@toolsforthought.rocks With respect to your idea of a NeoDeck, I’m reminded of a slideshow set up that was built into a MediaWiki site which might fit some of the prototype you’re seeking?

Details: https://indieweb.org/Template:slideshow

Example: https://indieweb.org/2018/Baltimore/Building_Blocks

Individual pages could also likely be done via transclusion thereby giving one the ability to create re-orderable versions.

Read Slideshare Scribd: How Not To Provide a Data Download by Ton Zijlstra (zylstra.org)
This morning I set out to download all my Slideshare content. As Slideshare is becoming part of Scribd this month, I’m shutting my Slideshare account down (and will shut down both the Slideshare and Scribd accounts of my company as well). Yesterday I downloaded the CSV file you get when you go to ...
I don’t think I have much there but I should look at export soon.
About to start “Using WordPress to own your online data & social media presence” for the Santa Clarita Valley WordPress Meetup

https://events.indieweb.org/2020/08/santa-clarita-valley-wordpress-meetup-using-wordpress-to-own-your-online-data-social-media-presence-SRTciSsJrPKq or https://www.meetup.com/wordpressscv/events/271867555/

👓 Playing with the Indieweb | Notist | Stephen Rushe

Read Playing with the Indieweb by Stephen Rushe (noti.st)
I’ve recently been exploring the world of the IndieWeb, and owning my own content rather than being reliant on the continued existence of “silos” to maintain it. This has led me to discover the varied eco-system of IndieWeb, such as IndieAuth, Microformats, Micropub, Webmentions, Microsub, POSSE, and PESOS. I’ll give a whirlwind high-level tour of each and also show examples of the related projects I’ve spend my time on in recent months, including hand-crafted artisanal music scrobbling.

👓 Logos in Slide Decks and WordCamp Videos | Make WordPress Communities

Read Logos in Slide Decks and WordCamp Videos (Make WordPress Communities)
A while ago, there was a discussion about the use of logos in slide decks and WordCamp videos. A consensus was reached as to what the permitted guidelines should be, but this was never documented i…
I did notice few presentations at Camp this weekend that were overly busy and had too much corporate logo splayed all over them. I can definitely be a bit too much.

🔖 reveal.js – The HTML Presentation Framework

Bookmarked reveal.js – The HTML Presentation Framework (revealjs.com)
A framework for easily creating beautiful presentations using HTML. Check out the live demo. reveal.js comes with a broad range of features including nested slidesMarkdown contentsPDF exportspeaker notes and a JavaScript API. There's also a fully featured visual editor and platform for sharing reveal.js presentations at slides.com.