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Read We Have Never Been Social by Kathleen FitzpatrickKathleen Fitzpatrick (Kathleen Fitzpatrick)
Last week, I had the pleasure of chatting with Bryan Alexander on his Future Trends Forum. We were primarily focused on Generous Thinking, but by way of having me introduce myself, Bryan asked what I‚Äôm working on this year. I mentioned that I‚Äôm in the early research phases of what might turn out to be a new project ‚ÄĒ which is to say, I have a pretty inchoate idea and I‚Äôm doing a lot of reading this summer trying to figure out whether there‚Äôs a there there. Late in our conversation, however, the discussion turned back to that project idea, and given that I‚Äôve now shared it on video (soon to be available on YouTube), I thought it might behoove me to commit a bit of that idea here.

Kathleen outlines her next project, something we definitely need.

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