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Listened to Food waste is #Solvable from The Rockefeller Foundation

Ahmed Ali Akbar talks to activist and author Tristram Stuart about using food scraps to eliminate waste.

Tristam Stuart is an international author, speaker, and campaigner on the environmental and social impacts of food. He is the founder of Feedback, an environmental campaigning organization that has worked in dozens of countries to change society’s attitude towards wasting food. His TED Talk on global food waste has reached over 1.5 million viewers.


Companion from the Latin con meaning “with” and pan meaning “bread”. I know I’ve contemplated this word before, but it does have a whole new warmth when framed in this way.

That is what beer originally was for. Preserving the calories in grains that might otherwise be wasted.

Toast Ale – a beer brand made from left over bread and grains. 

Recommendation: Jeremy Cherfas may appreciate this particular episode.

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