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I think? If you know how to send a Webmention, please do so that I know it works!
Congratulations on getting things up and running! Hopefully it wasn’t too complicated, though we could always use help as a community in making the UI and details easier. I know that David Shanske has been working on making a new pass to integrate Semantic Linkbacks into the Webmention plugin so that there’s only one plugin instead of two.

As you get more reactions via Webmention (especially if you connect to get responses back to your website via Webmentions from Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Github, and Mastodon if you use them), you’ll likely want Semantic Linkbacks to facepile the smaller bits like favorites, bookmarks, likes, reads, etc. (I facepile all webmentions on my own site except for replies.)

You should be able to find the Semantic Linkbacks Settings in /wp-admin/options-discussion.php.

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  1. Thanks! I don’t think anything was too complicated, though there are plenty of things I want to customize about how this site generates, receives, and displays Webmention content. Right now I’m thriving on “it just works”, but I’m looking forward to geeking out on the code and finding places to contribute.
    I do have the Semantic Linkbacks plugin activated, though I need to spend some more time with it. I also created this site’s current theme a while ago with the intent to spend more time crafting things like comments. It’s markup and styling for things has plenty of room for improvement. Now is a perfect opportunity!

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