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This should be a simple request. You’ve got all the parts right there.

I use the widget for this plug-in as a major feature of my weblog. I’ve got 16 years of content and it really helps my readers to find not only the stuff I’ve written recently but all the other things I’ve published on any particular day.

I have one small request. Would there be a way to include a screen in the Dashboard that would allow someone to put in a date or a date range and return all the weblog entries for the dates entered?

My reason for asking this is that I’ve still got a few holes in my weblog– days for which I have written very little, and I’m going through a project of trying to fill in the holes. I want to publish stuff on the days where I haven’t got much. This report would really help me plan future publishing dates.

Many thanks in advance.

The page I need help with:

I’ve always wanted this sort of sorting functionality in a general sense. Added bonus to be able to have it bundled in here. Thanks!

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