Watched "Cheer" Daytona from Netflix

All eyes are on Navarro at the college nationals, where nerves are at an all-time high. But whatever happens on the mat, this team came to win.

Cheer poster featuring a blue sky background and silhouettes of cheerleaders jumping in the air in various poses

Not as solid an ending as I would have hoped, but honestly, the story’s value is in the telling and the process not in how it ends in this particular case.

It’s pitiful that the cheer organizing body wouldn’t let the documentarians take their cameras in to the finals, yet they managed to do a very solid job with mobile phones instead. I hope this process renews competition in the space such that other organizations are able to move into the space. Maybe Monica and her network of alumni could use her business background and their experience to stage a coup and do a Navarro invitational and take the thunder away from the organizing body? That would be a cool thing to see.

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