I’ve just noticed that in addition to my relatively obvious user RSS feed on Goodreads, there’s a separate hidden feed of just my reading status updates. It’s of the form https://www.goodreads.com/user_status/list/#######-user-name?format=rss where #######-user-name is the typical user number and name combination at one’s profile page.

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Chris Aldrich

I'm a biomedical and electrical engineer with interests in information theory, complexity, evolution, genetics, signal processing, IndieWeb, theoretical mathematics, and big history. I'm also a talent manager-producer-publisher in the entertainment industry with expertise in representation, distribution, finance, production, content delivery, and new media.

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  1. Chris Aldrich says:

    There’s also a feed of “bookmarked” books for the “to-read” shelf

    This should allow one to split the other feed items out of the main feed to separate the bookmarked books and the status updates!

    The format of this feed also allows for different shelves and potential orderings.

  2. @c I found the same feed you did and have been experimenting. In case it’s helpful, for this one you’ll need to include the entry title, as that’s where it sticks the reading probress.

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