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Interested in the Indieweb, but you already have a WordPress site? Do you have a WordPress website or thinking of starting one?

Whether you’re a blogger, coder, designer, or just someone who wants to improve their presence on the web, if you have a WordPress site and want to add Indieweb functionality to it, this is the meetup for you.

Expand your reach, improve your connection with your audience. Make it easier to interact with your website. Have better control of your web presence.

With recent events keeping many of us at home, what better time is there to connect your presence on the web to others?

  • 7:00-7:15 - Introductions
  • 7:15-7:45 - overview of Indieweb tools and WordPress
  • 7:45-9:00 - Open Discussion/Chat/Support
Watched "Star Trek: Picard" Remembrance from CBS All Access
Directed by Hanelle M. Culpepper. Fourteen years after retiring from Starfleet, Jean-Luc Picard, still haunted by the death of Data, is living a quiet life on his family vineyard when a woman comes to him for help.
Not as much of the morality tale that previous incarnations of Star Trek have been. This does have an anti-AI bent that should be interesting to follow, so maybe a bit of a modern day morality play here.
Watched "Star Trek: Picard" Maps and Legends from CBS All Access
Directed by Hanelle M. Culpepper. Without the support of Starfleet, Picard turns to Dr. Agnes Jurati and his estranged colleague Raffi Musiker for help in finding the truth about Dahj, unaware that hidden enemies are also interested in what he'll find.
I have to wonder if there are at least two previously “inactivated” sentient androids roaming around, how many more might there be that we don’t know about? Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands? … What happens when they become “activated”? Could make for a great plot twist at the end? Let’s see.
Watched "Tiger King" Not Your Average Joe from Netflix
Directed by Rebecca Chaiklin, Eric Goode. With Bhagavan Antle, Carole Baskin, Howard Baskin, Susan Bass. Met Joe Exotic, the gun-toting operator of an Oklahoma big cat park. He's been accused of hiring someone to kill his chief rival Carole Baskin.
I’ve met all too many Joes. He may seem like a caricature to many, but there are a lot of him out there. The entirety of this seems to me like a replaying of the right/left political battle, but translated immediately into culture and with a more extreme bent. Even the promo poster properly puts Joe Exotic on the right and Carole Baskin on the left.
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April 9, 2020 at 01:00PM- April 9, 2020 at 02:30PM

Part I: Spatial Analytics, Presented by Mo Chen

Spatial analysis plays an important role not only in our everyday life and business, but also in the fight against the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. In this webinar we will see how the concept of spatial analysis was sparked due to an epidemic event in history. We will give an overview of spatiotemporal datasets, which serve as the foundation of almost all spatial analysis including RMDS’ Project Coronavirus. Attendees will also have a chance to see how mapping acts as a powerful tool in visualizing and informing the trend of coronavirus worldwide. Lastly, some examples will be shown to illustrate how some further spatial analysis can be done, on top of spatiotemporal datasets and mapping, to give us more confidence in winning this battle.

Part II: Epidemiological Modeling, Presented by Suyeon Ryu

In this webinar, we will discuss how we have built data-driven models upon coronavirus-related data collected from multiple sources in order to track and predict the spreading trend of the virus. Specifically, we will focus on the epidemiological SIR model to simulate the development of the coronavirus in different cities. The stochastic SIR model can estimate the termination date, infection rate, recovery rate, and R0 of the coronavirus. We will discuss how we used MCMC to estimate the distribution of epidemiological parameters, and once we have the distribution of parameters the future predictions come from simulations using the Monte Carlo method.

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Online Event
April 16, 2020 at 07:00PM- April 16, 2020 at 09:00PM

Hello there, fellow West Valley WordPressers.How are you coping with the Safer-at-Home ordinance and everything that's been going on lately? We hope you've been faring well...

Notes from WordPress Pasadena General Meetup, March 2020!

For those searching for links and help from tonight’s online meetup. If isn’t up to the task, I happen to have a WordPress website that can do the job.

19:02:08 From Jason Orellana : Hey Everyone!
19:02:22 From Connie Nassios : Hi!
19:02:22 From Wafic : Hi everyone
19:03:56 From BreAnn Mueller : Hi!! 🙂 🙂
19:04:27 From Grace C : Hello!!
19:04:32 From J.H. : Hi all
19:06:23 From Connie Nassios : You can do it, Alex!!
19:06:34 From Chris Aldrich : I’m hosting an online WordPress Homebrew Website Club meetup on Thursday:
19:06:43 From Sean Conklin : WordCamp Santa Clarita (virtual being planned for two weeks out)
19:06:48 From Grace C : Don’t see raise hand function
19:07:50 From Sean Conklin : WP Santa Clarita Meetup is here (March meetup postponed):
19:08:53 From BreAnn Mueller : Grace—click on “participants” on the bottom, and a side-panel will pop up with a list of all the people on the call—and look on the bottom and there is a “raise hand” option there
19:09:38 From BreAnn Mueller : Alex—btw, I think if you stop sharing your screen, we have the ability to change our view so we can see everybody in a big grid
19:09:40 From Saied Abbasi : Wafic will not be silenced
19:10:19 From Grace C : Thank you BreAnn
19:10:25 From James White : Can we see all the participants at once? Maybe if Alex makes the presenter area smaller?
19:10:59 From Wafic : Saied, That’s Right. You cannot silence the Media!!! Or silence the truth!
19:11:50 From Chris Charlton : Zoom attendee “gallery” view is only available when no screen is being shared.
19:12:38 From Chris Aldrich : You should be able to stretch the screen from the share to see everyone in gallery view.
19:13:02 From Chris Aldrich : (Though that may require the client and not the webbrowser version.)
19:13:42 From BreAnn Mueller : Alexxxxx! stop sharing your screen (pretty please) 🙂
19:14:21 From James White : There we go!
19:14:23 From James White : ty!!!
19:14:30 From BreAnn Mueller : Thank you!! Hurray!!
19:16:18 From Chris Aldrich : Here’s the non CMS specific HomeBrew Website Club tomorrow night:
19:17:19 From Ray Scarpa : I’m Ray with NINJA Mobile, so high tech I haven’t figured out how to get my 10 year old webcam mic to work after installing it 15 minutes ago. We’re just building wordpress sites for clients to supplement mobile apps and Roku/Amazon Fire TV channels. Sure that I’ll learn something just listening in. Thanks for doing this!
19:21:00 From Chris Aldrich : Anyone notice that doesn’t seem to be diminished at all by the headphones? 🙂
19:22:23 From Grace C : haHaha…very true about Alex’s hair 🙂
19:23:17 From Alexander vasquez : haha
19:23:20 From BreAnn Mueller : hahaha Chris!
19:24:18 From Wafic : Where is Saied? He seems to be in a remote area in the mopuntains
19:24:32 From Wafic : Hello, what about ME?
19:27:31 From Joe Davenport : Matomo
19:28:49 From steve : I use
19:29:50 From Chris Aldrich : There’s a handful of ideas for analytics here: (I’ve run piwik/matomo before, but not really using much now.)
19:30:16 From Chris Charlton : Thanks, Steve
19:30:21 From Chris Charlton : Thanks, Chris
19:31:09 From Chris Aldrich : Woo(t) Woo(t)!
19:31:18 From Wafic : Hi Sean
19:31:38 From Joe Davenport :
19:31:53 From Chris Aldrich : It’s never too late to have a child theme!
19:32:09 From Joe Davenport :
19:32:19 From Linda Horan : Where is the icon to raise hand?
19:32:47 From Chris Charlton : The ‘Raise Hand’ button is available in the Participants window, if that helps
19:33:01 From Sean Conklin : Or use Customizer to add CSS and code snippets to activate custom PHP functions. Child themes are necessary when overriding template files from plugins.
19:34:31 From Jason Orellana : Alex, I believe you can mute everyone and use the zoom push to talk feature which I believe is just press the spacebar.
19:35:09 From Sean Conklin : Code Snippets plugin
19:35:29 From Joe Davenport : Woody snippits
19:35:34 From Joe Davenport :
19:38:32 From Connie Nassios :
19:38:57 From Linda Horan : For a newbie, is it recommended to stick with a WordPress them as opposed to a third party theme?
19:39:05 From Linda Horan : WordPress theme…
19:39:20 From Alexander vasquez : Linda, we’ll get to your q question.
19:39:24 From Connie Nassios : Yes – stick with a WP theme….my 2-cents
19:41:13 From Sean Conklin : I’ve heard it’s required in UK to not track until agreed, but for here CCA only applies to larger entities.
19:41:33 From Chris Charlton : Best to be safe, right, Sean
19:42:01 From Steve Shorr :
19:42:17 From Wafic : Cookies from me to all of you. Who wants to offer coffee?
19:42:18 From Steve Shorr :
19:42:28 From Steve Shorr :
19:42:32 From Connie Nassios : Chocolate chip?
19:42:55 From ferrisgluck : where is the hand raising function? I don’t see it
19:43:58 From Ray Scarpa : Seeing the Raise Hand on my window it’s right above the chat to the left, along a set of icons
19:44:39 From Sean Conklin : Free official themes:
19:44:48 From ferrisgluck : definitely not on my screen; oh well 🙁
19:45:02 From BreAnn Mueller : Ferris—if you click on “participants” on the bottom, a panel pops up on the right side with a list of all the people—and on the bottom there is a raise hand optin
19:45:34 From Alexander vasquez :
19:45:56 From ferrisgluck : Aha!! Thanks, BreAnn!!! 🙂
19:46:06 From BreAnn Mueller : No prob! 🙂
19:48:20 From Steve Shorr :
19:48:52 From Grace C :
19:49:01 From Steve Shorr :
19:49:16 From Alexander vasquez : Thanks, BreAnn!
19:50:36 From Chris Gomez :
19:52:52 From Linda Horan : Should 2020 be avoided?
19:53:04 From Chris Aldrich : No, it’s a great little theme.
19:53:13 From Alexander vasquez : The theme is great.
19:53:17 From Alexander vasquez : The year not so much. =)
19:53:38 From Chris Charlton : I’m in the future: my theme is 3020
19:54:58 From Steve Shorr : I thought Open graph was only for Facebook
19:55:39 From Grace C :
19:57:21 From Chris Charlton : OpenGraph is NOT only for Facebook. It’s used for many sites, any engine that displays “Rich Snippets” (previews) of your content (image, headline, summary, etc.)
19:58:02 From Grace C :
19:58:26 From Wafic : Who are the SEO folks in the room?
19:59:07 From Chris Aldrich :
19:59:43 From Chris Aldrich : That post is a good example of the sorts of tricks one can play with various meta data ^^
20:04:27 From BreAnn Mueller : Gotta jump off the call here! Thanks so much alex and everybody, great to see you all! 🙂
20:04:47 From Wafic : Bye BreAnn
20:05:12 From Ray Scarpa : Same here, really appreciate everyone’s time!
20:05:23 From Alexander vasquez : By BreAnn!
20:05:42 From Connie Nassios :
20:05:56 From Sean Conklin : I used Gutenberg on my home page along with the JetPack blocks (contact form) and WooCommerce blocks (product categories). I recommend installing the Gutenberg plugin so you get the latest version.
20:06:07 From Connie Nassios :
20:07:03 From Jason Orellana :
20:07:13 From Alexander vasquez :
20:07:38 From Grace C :
20:07:47 From Jason Orellana : https://plugins/atomic-blocks
20:07:58 From Connie Nassios :
20:11:31 From Alexander vasquez :
20:11:48 From Chris Aldrich : Here you go Wafik:
20:17:46 From Wafic : NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster is untested with the current WordPress version
20:18:48 From ferrisgluck : Thank you Sean!!!!
20:19:40 From Chris Charlton : @Jason I would consider an LMS = Learning Management System over a CMS
20:20:40 From Chris Charlton : I rescind my answer; Alex’s suggestions were good
20:21:05 From Sean Conklin : is by Automattic, worth a look.
20:21:10 From Steve Shorr : bye great meeting and I saved 2 hours driving
20:23:36 From Grace C :
20:25:40 From Grace C : Thank you all, this was all very informative.
20:26:21 From Wafic : Are we going for tacos?
20:26:38 From Sharon Stuewe : I really enjoyed this type of meeting! Let’s Zoom again.
20:26:38 From Wafic : 🙂
20:26:47 From Linda Horan : I got a lot of really helpful info that I’ll be following up on for a while
20:26:51 From Jason Orellana : virtual tacos and beer
20:26:55 From Connie Nassios : Alex – you’re the best!!
20:27:01 From Saied Abbasi : Thank you Alex!! And everybody
20:27:03 From Wafic : Great hair Alex
20:27:14 From Grace C : Thank you, Alex for putting this together.
20:27:16 From ferrisgluck : Thank you Alex & everybody else! Alex rocks!!
20:27:29 From James White : 👋🏼
20:27:31 From Michael Kieley : Thanks, Alex
20:27:34 From Sean Conklin : Great leading Alex! It’s not easy, and we appreciate you 🙂
20:27:34 From Chris Gomez : thank you!
20:27:52 From Alexander vasquez :
20:28:40 From Wafic :

Read How to style RSS feed by Hsiaoming YangHsiaoming Yang (Just lepture)
Let's create a beautiful RSS feed UI for human before its dead in next year again.
This seems like quite a clever way of adding some human readable styling to RSS feeds. While it seems like yet another side-file, it could be a useful one. I think if I were implementing it I’d also want to include a SubToMe universal follow button on it as well