Replied to IndieWeb and TW by Tristan (TiddlyWiki Google Group)
Hey guys,
I read about IndieWeb some time ago and managed to dive into it a little the last days. As far as I can tell TW would be a perfect fit for this and since we are moving to federation it should be quite easy to integrate - at least that is what I thought... I found Hangout #52 when Jeremy mentioned IndieWeb - but unfortunately these 5 seconds is all there is about this matter.
First of I thought adding the "rel-me" to the single page version was all one had to do, but I think that was naive ;)
My next idea was that maybe I could tweak the static page generation template but that again would destroy dynamic syndication...
So my question is (please bare with me if I missed some source) does anybody has something running or some pre-release stuff in this direction?
And if not (most probably) do you have any idea/advice/hint...?
TiddlyWiki is a very solid looking platform for IndieWeb use (essentially using TW as a personal website). I am having some issues with the js;dr (cURL-ability) issue, but there are some methods for using it to create a static website.

To help others out and provide some examples, I’ve started a stub page for TiddlyWiki on the IndieWeb wiki, which uses MediaWiki. (If you have the rel=”me” stuff set up in the second article about h-card linked below, you should be able to use your TiddlyWiki URL to log into the IndieWeb wiki and document yourself, changes, and ideas.) 
I’ve been writing up some of my explorations using TiddlyWiki for IndieWeb on my primary website (with copies on my TiddlyWiki) for those who are interested in taking a look or experimenting for themselves.
For those interested in following my particular progress, you can find all of my related content on my site with this tag: or follow via RSS at
For those who are interested in delving in further, I might suggest looking at my IndieWeb/TiddlyWiki To Do List for things that could potentially be worth working on next:
  • adding proper h-entry and h-feed microformats markup 
  • adding microformats markup and/or customizing tiddlers as articles, notes, bookmarks, and other types of posts
  • backfeed of comments from Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, GitHub, Mastodon using
  • adding a full implementation of webmentions for core
    • figuring out the js;dr problem for sending webmentions
  • Adding set up to potentially allow posting to TiddlyWiki using Micropub (may run into js;dr problems?)
  • Look into using TiddlyWiki as a Micropub server
  • Adding header information for using TiddlyWiki with Microsub readers (this should be fairly easy)
There is a lot of open source code in a variety of languages that does a lot of this stuff already in addition to lots of examples, so do search the IndieWeb wiki or ask in the IndieWeb chat for help or pointers so that you won’t necessarily need to reinvent the wheel. 

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