In going down rabbit holes relating to wikis for Saturday’s IWC pop up event, I came across Mark Bernstein’s (@eastgate) Storyspace and Tinderbox products from the early 1990’s, and I couldn’t help but thinking that Roam Research (@RoamResearch) is reinventing an old wheel.

It’s all rather similar to TiddlyWiki with TiddlyBlink and TiddlyMaps added as well. While most of these are private note taking tools, I can’t help but wonder if making the data public may actually be the linchpin for adding tremendous value?

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    1. The Memex is also too recent if you want to take that path. Why not go back the Renaissance commonplace book, or to the ideas of Ramon Llull in the 13th century? Even his ideas are underpinned by the Rhetorica ad Herennium 80 BC whose parts go even further back.

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    2. But if we’re really intellectually honest, indigenous people have likely been doing this for 30,000+ years, they’ve just used dramatically different methods. (See Dr. Lynne Kelly’s thesis in The Memory Code: The Secrets of Stonehenge, Easter Island and Other Ancient Monuments, which I judge to be correct.)

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    1. Do come join us on Saturday at 10 pacific if you’re free!

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