ThreadReaderApp now has beta support for the Micropub Spec so you can publish Twitter threads directly to your blog

So… a while back I tweeted about a bit of functionality I’ve long thought would be a cool one to have for Twitter:

I would often see people post tweetstorms, long threads of related tweets, to tell an extended story.

Invariably people see these threads and say “Why don’t/didn’t you just post that on your website as a blog post instead?”

(In fact, why don’t you try it on this very tweet?)

I’ve personally been using the #IndieWeb concept of P.O.S.S.E. (Post on your Own Site and Syndicate Elsewhere) for a while now. I’ll post my content on my personal website first and only then syndicate a copy to Twitter.

But today, for the first time in a very LONG time, I’m posting this particular thread to Twitter first…

Then when I’m done, I’ll roll it all up conveniently using the awesome @ThreadReaderApp which will put a nice readable version on their site.


Blogpost, right??

Sadly, I don’t own that copy…

It really needs to be on my blog for that to work, right?!

“But wait. There’s more.” as they say in advertising.

Now with the help of @ThreadReaderApp, and the Micropub plugin for #WordPress, I’ll be able to view my thread on ThreadReader in a brand new bonus feature that’s currently in beta. Screencapture of ThreadReaderApp site featuring a button labeled

Yes, you guessed it! It’s that wondrous “Publish to Blog” button!!

With a quick click, @ThreadReaderApp will authenticate and I can authorize it to publish to my WordPress site on my behalf.

I can now publish the entire thread to my own website!!

Now this thread that I’ve published to Twitter will live forever archived on my own website as its own stand-alone blogpost.


I’m not sure how often I’m prone to do this in the future, but I hope we won’t hear that “Why didn’t you just post that on your own website as a blogpost?” as frequently.

With just a button push, I’ll be able to quickly and simply cross-post my Twitter threads on Twitter directly to my website!

In #IndieWeb terminology this publishing workflow is known as P.E.S.O.S. or Publish Elsewhere, Syndicate to Your Own Site.

I’ll mention for the masses that this publishing functionality is only possible courtesy of a W3C recommendation (aka web standard) known as Micropub.

Because it’s a web standard, @ThreadReaderApp can build the functionality once & it should work on dozens of platforms including @WordPress @Drupal @WithKnown @CraftCMS @Jekyllrb @GetKirby @GoHugoIO @MicroDotBlog among a growing set of others.…

Some of these may have built-in or core support for the standard while others may require a simple plugin or module to support this functionality.

Don’t see your platform supported yet? Ask your CMS or platform provider to provide direct support.

It shouldn’t take much work for @Ghost @grabaperch @squarespace @Wix @getgrav @magento @typo3 @Blogger @medium @Tumblr @mediawiki @omeka and others to support this too.

There’s lots of open source implementations already out there in various languages and there’s a fantastic test suite available for developers.

I’ll also give a quick shout out to @iAWriter which also just added Micropub support to let people use their editor to post to their websites.

And of course once you’ve realized that your platform supports Micropub to publish to your website, why not try out one of the dozens of other Micropub clients out there?…

They support a variety of post or content types from full articles to photos and geolocation to bookmarks. The sky’s the limit.

Some of my favorites are Quill, OwnYourSwarm, Omnibear, and Teacup. And let’s not forget social feed readers like Monocle and Indigenous that let you read and respond to content directly in your feed reader! (I no longer miss Google Reader, now I just feel sorry for them.)

Congratulations again to @ThreadReaderApp for helping to lead the way in the corporate social space for support of the awesomeness that Micropub allows.

Thread away!

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Chris Aldrich

I'm a biomedical and electrical engineer with interests in information theory, complexity, evolution, genetics, signal processing, IndieWeb, theoretical mathematics, and big history. I'm also a talent manager-producer-publisher in the entertainment industry with expertise in representation, distribution, finance, production, content delivery, and new media.

75 thoughts on “ThreadReaderApp now has beta support for the Micropub Spec so you can publish Twitter threads directly to your blog”

  1. @threadreaderapp unroll please, so that I may post this wonderful thread on my own website. #IndieWeb

    Syndicated copies:

  2. Just for the tape, here’s the link to the copy that ThreadReaderApp posted to my website:

    Syndicated copies:

  3. Bill Bennett says:

    Hi Chris

    I can’t find any documentation to tell me HOW iA Writer can work with Micropub. I’ve been using both for ages now and linking them would be ideal.

    1. I looked the other day myself, but its apparently only usable with the Mac and iOS versions. They haven’t built it into Windows or Android versions yet, so you definitely won’t see it there. I’ve seen some reports that they’re still making some tweaks and getting bugs worked out on the Mac side. Which platforms are you using?

  4. Bill Bennett says:

    On a different note. I’m looking forward to using Threadreaderapp and Micropub for what used to be known as live-blogging a news story.

    1. Bill, here’s the link to try out the Thread Reader piece: (currently no instructions, but if you’ve got IndieAuth and Micropub plugins, it should mostly be pretty obvious.)

    1. It’s currently found at a “secret” URL at Their Patreon account indicates it may be a paid feature though: I know they’re still working out bugs, but it should work pretty well on WordPress.

  5. The syndication functionality of threads from Twitter to your Micropub-enabled website using @ThreadReaderApp is now out of beta! Details here:

    For information on platforms that have Micropub support:

    Syndicated copies:

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  7. Dani says:

    Is this still working?

    1. Chris Aldrich says:

      I only use it every couple of weeks and it was working the last time I tried it. I don’t use it very often as it makes backfeed from Twitter using a bit harder/less intuitive unless you know how all the plumbing works. Usually I POSSE content from my site to Twitter rather than use PESOS like this method.

      It looks like you might have to go to to click the publish button to send it to your website now. They’ve made a few subtle changes since I wrote the original. Did it work for you?

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